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eliza fyfe choir director

Eliza Fyfe, Choir Director

Originally from Buckinghamshire, Eliza showed a natural flair and passion for music at an early age. She started playing piano at 7 then started singing and songwriting into her teens. She plays and teaches by ear and holds a BA Hons Commercial Music Degree from Bath Spa University, as well as Grade 8 Distinction in Rock School Vocals.

She teaches one-to-one students, harmony groups and a community choir. She also runs singing workshops at workplaces such as the BBC in Bristol and sings in jazz/soul bands. Her a cappella group, Chicapella, was a university business project which is still going strong today.

My mission is to get everyone singing! After being inspired by choirmaster Gareth Malone when he started out, I knew it was important to get people singing no matter what their ability. It's simply good for the soul! 

Work Desk
Martin Elsbury, video editor

Martin Elsbury, Editor

Martin spent 40 years working as a film editor for Broadcast TV and Cinema. His career started with the BBC but he went on to work with many broadcasters and production companies across the world including Nat Geo, Discovery, DisneyNature and Netflix. His latest film 'David Attenborough - A life on Our Planet' is currently streaming on Netflix. Martin has received international awards for his editing work and has been nominated several times for BAFTA and EMMY awards.


He was in the process of moving into semi retirement when he was locked down by the Covid pandemic and helped Eliza set up the Choirantine project. He has recently completed the editing of the tenth video 'Love is Christmas'.


I never dreamed I'd find myself editing virtual choir videos in my retirement but, as so often in life, a door opened and I had to walk through it. It's been hard work but immense fun. Creatively it's been one of the most rewarding things I've been involved with for a long time.

Kristian Bressington drummer producer

Kristian Bressington, Producer

From an early age, Kristian has always been around music, whether it was when he would visit his father playing live gigs at the age of 12, all the way up to playing live shows himself after graduating with a Bachelors Degree in professional musicianship from the Bristol Institute of Modern Music.


Since graduating Kristian has thrown himself into a number of projects such as drumming for jazz quartets, studio sessions, songwriting, production, arrangement as well as teaching. Being mainly self taught means that there’s a constant curiosity for music, the way it works, the way it feels and how to achieve similar results; it was one of the reasons why joining ChoirCast was so important to him - there’s a challenge there, to create in such a different and unique way.


I’ve always tried my best to surround myself with people and musicians that push me into directions that I want to go in - both Eliza and Martin do that which is incredible fun, and to think that what we have created can bring happiness to so many people is one of the main reasons that makes this project so unique to work on.  

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Teamwork: Editing a virtual choir video
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