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ChoirCast began in Bristol during the lockdown of April 2020 under the name "Choirantine" as the virtual offspring of local community choir Bristol Choir Brigade. More and more singers joined in and the choir went global in the summer. Now in 2021, we have re-launched the choir as "ChoirCast”.

Choirantine: a virtual venture in 2020 which brought together a choir in quarantine.


As "Choirantine", we kick-started with our debut video of Bohemian Rhapsody (featuring Gareth Malone) and BBC News Points West picked up our story in the second week of lockdown. We have also been featured regularly on BBC Radio Bristol. We have been producing monthly videos since - check them out here.


We have around 40 singers involved so far, so not too huge; everyone gets some decent screen time and solo opportunities are available too. We also feature a band in each of our videos.

We also have a fantastically friendly community aspect to the group - you will be welcomed with open arms in a big virtual hug!

Eliza writes the vocal arrangements and collaborates on instrumentation with the producer, Kristian, to bring something unique to the songs we know and love to sing.

I always like to add a little individuality to well-known songs, tailoring the arrangement to the singers involved. I tend to go a bit more 'outside the box' with the harmonies as the opportunities are limitless online. There's a good balance of challenge and fun with ChoirCast, so don't hold back - I don't! I look forward to seeing you onscreen soon...


- Eliza

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